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Alago webinar 2021

ALAGO Webinars

During May 2021, ALAGO will be promoting a series of webinars dedicated to new trends and advances in organic geochemistry.

The virtual meeting will comprise a total of 8 technical presentations (2 per week) in this one-month period. We will bring reputed and rising names in the field of Organic Geochemistry to share their experiences and latest achievements. 


May 4th (Tuesday)

Chemmometric Assessment of Petroleum Systems and Paleoclimate using crude oil biomarker and isotope data from the Santa Maria Basin, California

Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Peters (Stanford University - USA)


May 6th (Thursday)

Source Rock: Types and Oil generation potential

Speaker: Dr. Liliana Lopez (UCV - Venezuela)

*This seminar will be presented in Spanish


May 11th (Tuesday)

Polar compounds in Petroleum: from napthenates to asphantenes

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Rodgers (MagLab/FSU - USA)


May 13th (Thursday)

Fronteirs of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography applied to organic geochemistry

Speaker: Dr. Carin von Muhlen (UERJ - Brazil)

*This seminar will be presented in Portuguese


May 18th (Tuesday)

Lessons from stable isotopes regarding the origin and chemical evolution of geological hydrocarbons

Speaker: Dr. John Eiler (Stanford University - USA)


May 20th (Thursday)

Reservoir Geochemistry: understanding and applying

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Dubois (Petrobras - Brazil)

*This seminar will be presented in Portuguese


May 25th (Tuesday)

Lipid biomarkers in paleoenvironmental studies

Speaker: Sebastiaan Rampen (University of Göttingen - Germany)


May 27th (Thursday)

Digital Transformation in Geosciences: Challanges, Technologies and Opportunities

Speaker: Dr. Gustavo Robichez (PUC-Rio - Brazil)

*This seminar will be presented in Portuguese


URL relacionada: https://www.even3.com.br/ntiog2021/